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my lighthouse

you are the end

and you are the beginning 

my lighthouse out

on the raging sea

my early mornings

and latest nights

you cast out my fears

with your gentle light

and i love the smile

cast on your face

every time i’m wrapped up

in your warm embrace

calling me home

to loving arms

i drift off every night

nestled and warm

MMTPoetry365, poetry

falling behind… 102/365



i start to fall behind

last place in this race

where the only opponent is myself

and i can’t seem to make up for lost time

losing my sense of direction

i start to take slower strides

until i’m crawling on the floor

hands and knees

praying to be put out of my misery

MMTPoetry365, poetry

waves of grief… 100/365



the grief comes in waves

and right now i’m drowning

tears pouring from my eyes

you wrap me in your warmth

face buried in your chest

the tide begins to recede

but when the storm swells again

i know i won’t be alone

MMTPoetry365, poetry

depression revisited… 99/365



the exhaustion overtakes me

swallows me whole

and spits me out with no remorse

i am suffocating under the ambivalence of depression

lost and alone with no motivation to escape

too tired to even pray to the setting sun

or make any effort towards completion


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MMTPoetry365, poetry

senseless… 98/365



my metaphors no longer have meaning

i have lost any semblance of sincerity 

my sentence have become senseless

i am falling

or flying

or finally just failing

and i am no longer in control of the narrative

lost in an endless ocean of ambiguity 

elucidated only by a seemingly secondary thought 

i never know where i am going

leaving no trail

or form of railing

for my train of thought 

but i keep going

so far off the tracks at this point

that they’re completely out of sight



spiraling into the unknown 

never knowing

but always gaining speed

a meteor in the desert sky

destined to collapse


plummet to the ground

while destroying anything in its path


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MMTPoetry365, poetry

crushing bonds… 96/365



the binds that tie

grow knotted over time

tangled and tattered

worse from the wear

these ropes dig into my soft flesh

crushing me to my core

i cut off my own arm to escape the grasp

and i spiral off

something between falling and flying

i drift away